Mi'kmaw Native Friendship Centre
Mi'kmaw Native Friendship Centre
Mi'kmaw Native Friendship Centre
Mi'kmaw Native Friendship Centre

"This is What I Wish You Knew"

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Imagine-- a huge mural moulded from clay, on the exterior wall of the Mi'kmaw Native Friendship Centre, calling the attention of thousands who pass it each day. Each tile, lovingly carved by a community member, telling their personal journey, their struggles and triumphs, and importantly, "what they wish - the public- knew."

Together, the clay tiles tell the collective story of the artists, the 50 Aboriginal youth, adults and Elders living in Halifax, and their experiences understanding who they are, how they got here, what they do, where they are going and how they will get there. Each tile will link to an intimate portrait of the artist, told through film, allowing the public entry into worlds and stories that often go untold. The full mural will also link to stories of the journey of its creation, the themes that emerged from the work, and the key messages about reconciliation and conciliation that the artists have to share.

"This Is What I Wish You Knew” is an exciting partnership between the Mi'kmaw Native Friendship Centre, Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, and St Mary's University. A community-based participatory research program will facilitate a deep exploration of identity, wellbeing, reconciliation and conciliation, and tie the work to deeper social change. This will enable community members to explore personal reflections around key project themes, deepen intergenerational relationships, and provide important information for the Friendship Centre to influence public policy and programming.

We would like to thank our supporters whose partnership and contribution is so vital to the success of this project:

The Reconciliation Fund: the Canada Council for the Arts

McConnell Foundation                                  The Circle Foundation

Urban Aboriginal Knowledge Network - Atlantic Research Centre

Open Academy: The Royal Society of Canada;
The Academies of Arts, Humanities and Sciences of Canada

Leanne's Children's Foundation