Mi'kmaw Native Friendship Centre
Mi'kmaw Native Friendship Centre
Mi'kmaw Native Friendship Centre
Mi'kmaw Native Friendship Centre

Active Partnership Strategy

The Active Partnership Strategy’s commitment is to help Aboriginals build stronger, healthier and more self-reliant relationships with larger scaled employers, industry, and both the private and public sector. APS is committed to increasing the participation of Aboriginal people in the labour market. The goal is to educate, promote and bring awareness to the Aboriginal population and to inform employers about the advantages of hiring Aboriginal people.

APS works collectively with employers to develop proactive strategies and initiatives to increase the participation of Aboriginal people in the current and future workforce.

Active Partnership Strategy works to develop ongoing relationships with larger scaled employers, businesses and organizations, public and private corporations, all levels of government, industry and trade associations, professional associations, labour unions and educational institutions to enhance the participation of Aboriginal people in the current and future labour market.

Partnerships include but are not limited to:

  •  Producing and distributing awareness-building materials and participating in
      awareness activities (e.g., Aboriginal Career Fair, Information Sessions, Networking
      Events, Awareness Workshops);
  •  Creating, promoting and participating in stakeholder networks;
  •  Identifying and promoting best practices for urban Aboriginal peoples;
  •  Developing and distributing skill-building tools and resources for employers; and
  •  Industry certification for those clients otherwise deemed work-ready

APS is unique because we have an emphasis on the promoting, educating and bringing awareness of the Aboriginal population to the employers. The Active Partnership Strategy is not asking employers to lower their hiring standards or provide financial assistant. The APS is networking and engaging with a wealth of employers and requesting that employers/potential partners provide the following information:

  •  Future hiring needs
  •  Lists of competencies (e.g., job skills) that they will be seeking from potential
  •  Lists of products and services that they outsource
  •  Networking opportunities and engagement with work-ready clients

APS asks employers to be open to site tours, test drives, simulator testing, and hands on experience and exposure for individuals who have shared an interest in working within their specific field or industry.

In addition, the Active Partnership Strategy is working with employers to engage and encourage qualified Aboriginal candidates (deemed work-ready) to apply for vacant positions throughout the organization in the future.

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