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Mi'kmaw Native Friendship Centre
Mi'kmaw Native Friendship Centre
Mi'kmaw Native Friendship Centre

Aboriginal Head Start

The Aboriginal Head Start in Urban and Northern Communities Program is a community-based children’s program funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada. The Mi'kmaq Child Development Centre initiated AHS based programs in 1997. AHS program focuses primarily on the early childhood period for First Nation, Inuit and Metis children and their families. Programming has been established to support the Spiritual, Emotional, Physical and Intellectual Development of Aboriginal children and their families.

AHS 4+ Program:
A culturally based education program for First Nation children entering the public school system in the coming year. This program provides a strong cultural self identity while providing children with a head start to a positive future education.

Child Support Group - Lets Gather-
A 22+ year program that provides weekly sessions established to support the spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical development of Aboriginal children, while supporting their parents and guardians as their primary teachers. Based on the Medicine Wheel teachings, topics include spiritual, physical, mental and emotional elements. Children’s sessions focus on social interaction, culture, and crafts.

Community Outreach:
Quarterly throughout the year we provide community outreach to both new and existing families throughout the metro area. We also offer new baby visits and are available to accompany expectant and new Moms to appointments. Outreach is available weekly to families requesting appointments.

Prenatal: Our Children Our Way:
An eight week culturally sensitive program intended to increase expectant parents knowledge of their own health throughout pregnancy and that of their child. Sessions include a wide variety of topics including breastfeeding, labour and delivery, stages of pregnancy, as well as cultural knowledge such as creating baby moccasins.

Postnatal: Raising Our Children Our Way:
An eight week culturally sensitive program for parents and their babies providing an opportunity for interaction with other parents / newborns. This program provides resources on the development of healthy babies and positive parenting skills. Program sessions include information on childhood illnesses, infant massage, literacy books in Mi'kmaq as well as Medicine Wheels for the babies.

Parent N Child:
A Parent and Child interaction based program where the parents positive involvement is encouraged in a relaxed culturally appropriate setting amongst their peers. Weekly activities include drumming plus activities that parents and children can do together. Literacy is encouraged through the weekly use of books, particularly First Nation books.