Mi'kmaw Native Friendship Centre
Mi'kmaw Native Friendship Centre
Mi'kmaw Native Friendship Centre
Mi'kmaw Native Friendship Centre


During the 1950s, there was a large number of First Nations People migrating to urban centers. Because of the negative transition problems that most were encountering, a plan to establish urban Native Friendship Centres was formulated. The federal government, acting in partnership with First Nations Peoples, searched for a proactive way to help Natives deal with the onerous task of adjusting themselves to a foreign social environment.

At the end of the 1950s, with the opening of Centres in Vancouver and Winnipeg, the Friendship Center dream was a reality. These provided the prototypes for future Centres across the country. Halifax’s Micmac Native Friendship Center opened its Harris Street doors on September 17, 1973. Since then it has moved twice and currently resides at 2158 Gottingen Street.

The Micmac Native Friendship Center is part on a national movement is 1 of 119 Friendship Centers.

Historical Timeline:

1973 – Micmac Native Friendship Center is opened
1973 – Located on Harris Street, Halifax
1975 – Incorporation of the Society
1977 – moved to Brunswick Street, Halifax
1984 – moved to our current location at 2158 Gottingen Street, Halifax

Overview of Center:

The Society opened its doors on September 17, 1972, and was incorporated June 02, 1973. The Annual General Assembly will represent the 40th Anniversary for the Society this year. It is one of one hundred and nineteen Friendship Centres across Canada. The Society is a non-profit, board governed organization that currently operates twenty two programs. Each program is mandated to deliver its core service, but are also supported in developing proposals for projects and initiatives that expand and enhance progams and services in innovative ways.

In 2012 - 2013 the Society serviced over 1600 urban aborigianl clients